ZHONGSHAN H.R.T. PRECISION STEEL BALL CO.,LTD. is located in the great revolutionary forerunner Sun Yat-sen 's hometown , Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province , the main products are precision stainless steel balls, bearing balls, steel balls, glass balls, ceramic balls and plastic balls , with size Ф0.5mm-Ф250mm, which are widely used in bearings , lithium batteries , micro motors, precision molds , auto parts , precision instruments , medical equipment and precious metal grinding and other industries. Products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia , Europe and America.

  • steel ball surface detector,sorting machine


    Specific parameter as follows:

    *Sorting Precision:G5 –G200

    *Sorting Size Range:0.7938mm – 25.4mm(Divided into 6 ranges)

    *Sorting speed:4-7steel balls/sec.(14400-25200steel balls/hour)

    *Sorting Material:bearing steel balls/stainless steel balls/Ceramic balls

    *Sorting Medium:No

    *Defected depth: ≥0.001mm can be detected.(controlled by user)

    *Undetected rate: <1 PPM(Manual control)

    Part of advantages:

    1.No need medium during detecting process. Only need dry balls to be detected. It is safe and clean.

    2.Roller sorting also set up in the detector, which could sorted flat head and over range sizes steel balls. Traditional one is lacking this function.

    3.Quicker and easier to replace molds. Only use your hands without tools to operate. While traditional machines need to be replaced by technicians with tools in a complicated method.

    4.It is the first machine which detect steel balls smaller than ∮2mm in China. Others only detect steel balls bigger than ∮3mm.

    5.Full close structure to keep away from insects, dust and fiber. Supporting WIFI for remote control and operation in 24 hours.

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  • Plastic ball,Polypropylene Balls(PP balls)


    Polypropylene balls have excellent chemical resistance and low density, as well as the highest melting point of the volume thermoplastics. Polypropylene balls also have high tensile strength. They are an excellent electrical insulator, with low dielectric constant and loss factors. Polypropylene balls are highly resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols and many inorganic chemicals, and are non-toxic.

    Size Range

    Grade Available


    Rockwell Hardness


    Corrosion Resistance

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  • Steel Ball Surface Detector,roller sorting machine


    Steel Ball Surface Detector contains two parts as function:

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  • Si3N4 Ball|Ceramic ball|black ceramic ball





    4)Features:Ceramic Ball is made from inorganic, nonmetallic compounds that include oxides, carbides, or nitrides and are processed or used at high temperatures.


    Ceramic balls have some really useful properties that mean they can do some tasks more efficient than their stainless steel counterparts. Ceramic balls can withstand heat and friction a lot more than standard ball bearings and are much stronger so have a greater shelf life. The fact that ceramic balls can withstand heat better than metal balls means several problems are reduced through their use. Also ceramic balls are faster and have greater resistance to chemicals, meaning they can be used in various places that metal balls couldn't, two negative factors are that ceramic balls are far more expensive and lack the electrical conductivity that is found in metal.

    Ceramic Balls have high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high proportion, small volume, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, no pollution and other excellent features. At room temperature with high stiffness, no magnetic, electrical insulation.

    Widely used in different types of ceramic, enamel, glass, chemical industry and thick hard material finishing and deep processing of the factory.It is grinding medium of the fine crushing equipment such as ball mill, vibration mill, Cylindrical grinding machine. The crushing grinding efficiency and wear resistance significantly better than ordinary or natural pebble stone ball.

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  • 1/16 inch chrome steel ball


    1) Materials:Chrome steel ( AISI5100, SUJ2,100Cr6,Gcr15)
    2) Diameters: (1.588mm)
    3) Grades:G5, G10

    4) Hardness:HRC62-65
    5) Certificate:ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS16949:2009, RoHS, SGS,...
    6) Surface feature:Polish, cleanness
    7) Key Features:Excellent precision, good hardness, perfect surface, good roundness and roughness, etc.
    8) Application: Chrome Steel Balls are mainly used in low noise bearing, precision ball bearings, electronic componentsball,chemical,screw, linear motion guide, automotive parts, food processing, ink and paint grinding, caster wheel, slide rail bicycle and car etc.

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  • Steel ball sorting machine|Precision: ≤0.001mm


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  • Steel ball sorting machine|Roller sorting machine


    ◆Main Technical Parameter

    Ball size:Φ1.5mm--Φ10mm


    Roller effective classification length:460mm

    Diameter of roller:Φ35mm

    Velocity modulation range of the roller:0-260turn/minute

    Vibration material input capacity:300kg

    Motor total power:120W

    Pulling force of vibration electromagnet:≥2.7KN

    Source of electricity:220V/50Hz

    Overall size (L × W × H):1200x705x1560mm

    Net weight:380kg

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  • Steel Ball Surface Detector


    As the critical parts, steel balls play a vital role in the precision, performance and working life of a bearing. Visual inspection is a common way in surface detection of steel balls. However, stability of steel ball quality can not achieve ideal result by visual inspection. More importantly, it’s harmful to health of human being, especially to their eyes. Moreover, it is hard to ensure accuracy and stability of inspection result. Steel ball surface testing machines has been put into t market for years.Three usual testing methods have been applied into these machines, namely optical, eddy-current and vibration sensor. The disadvantages of these machines are ball size limitation of eddy-current and precision limitation of vibration sensor. Quality of high precision and extreme miniature steel balls will be influenced through vibration sensor.

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  • Stainless Steel Ball|1.34mm AISI Type 316L Beads


    1) Materials: Stainless Steel, AISI Type 316L
    2) Diameters: 1.34 mm

    3) Grades: G100

    4) Hardness: ≤HRC28

    5) Certificate: ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TS-16949, SGS, RoHS,...

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  • 440C Stainless Steel Ball|1mm 440C Steel Bead


    1) Materials: Stainless Steel (SUS440C, SS440C)
    2) Diameters: 1mm
    3) Grades: G10
    4) Certificate: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS16949:2009, RoHS, SGS

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